We at Trader Fox have been in the furniture business for over a decade. We started out as a consignment shop in 2001. That eventually grew to a chain of 10 consignment stores. 

Then, for seven years, we stayed in Bali. During this period away from Oahu, we were able to learn more about Indonesian design sensibilities. Once we were back in Oahu, we made plans to create a store. We wanted to serve more residents of the island, so, in 2016, we formally established Trader Fox.

With more and more businesses going online, it makes perfect sense for the Trader Fox website to be our main storefront. Customers can purchase our furniture online and it's delivered to their preferred address. We take away the burden of making shipping or delivery arrangements for them. On the other hand, the customers who prefer to remain Old School about furniture shopping may also schedule an appointment to check out our pieces up close. We take pride in being able to be flexible for our customers needs. 

We at Trader Fox value the trust of our customers. We will never take them for granted and that's why we make sure that the furniture we offer them are of high-quality. These are pieces that are meant to last. We can't stress the importance of handmade workmanship often enough, it is an essential part of our brand.

The pieces that we have appeal to the younger higher-income set of Oahu. We have both locals and expats as our targeted customers.